Our Story

我們的故事/Our Story


K-SWISS在近50年來一直致力於設計及製造優質的鞋款,滿足消費者在網球場上專業需求以及場外的時尚風格營造。K-SWISS的鞋款不僅是世界知名網球員在重要賽事上的最佳夥伴–同時也是全球各地風尚領導者們的時尚穿搭最愛。最能代表K-SWISS品牌精神的三個詞彙“HERITAGE” “AMERICAN” “TENNIS” 。在1966年,來自瑞士的一對兄弟搬到加州去追尋他們的夢想—就是成立屬於自己的鞋業公司,他們從滑雪靴的設計原素中得到靈感,進而促成K-SWISS全球第一款全皮質網球鞋“THE CLASSIC”的誕生。

品牌全力支持香港本地網球運動發展,贊助2023年ATP250 香港站賽事,更與不少本地網球俱樂部合作,推動網球運動。K-SWISS 於2024年在澳門威尼斯人購物中心開設首間澳門旗艦店,並於同年3月8日在澳門舉行盛大的K-SWISS RE-BORN Fashion Show, 展現品牌全新高端時尚運動品牌形象。

K-SWISS has been committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality shoes for nearly 50 years to meet consumers' professional needs on the tennis court and create fashionable styles off the court. K-SWISS shoes are not only the best partners for world-renowned tennis players in important events – they are also the fashion favorites of style leaders around the world. The three words that best represent the spirit of the K-SWISS brand are "HERITAGE", "AMERICAN" and "TENNIS". In 1966, a pair of brothers from Switzerland moved to California to pursue their dream - to establish their own shoe company. Inspired by the design elements of ski boots, this led to the birth of K-SWISS's world's first all-leather tennis shoe "THE CLASSIC".

The brand fully supports HK local tennis sports through sponsoring ATP250 HK in 2024 and collaboration with local tennis club. It also opened its first Macao flagship store at Shoppes at Venetian in 2024. To celebrate the big moment, K-SWISS held K·SWISS “RE-BORN” global new product launch fashion show on 8 March 2024 to showcase the new 2024 spring summer and autumn winter series redefines high-end sports fashion.